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Welcome to the JBF Animal welfare website, we provide veterinary support for the street cattle of Delhi, India.
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JBF(Scotland) is funding the work undertaken by JBF(India). We raise money in the UK to be used solely for the Mobile Cattle Clinic operating in south Delhi, India. For more information about JBF(Scotland) click here.fsdf

Street Cattle: These cattle do have owners, but they are released every morning to roam the streets of the city, finding whatever food they can amongst the rubbish. They return to their owners at night for milking.

Stray Cattle: These are cows and bulls that are no longer of any commercial value to anyone. They might be cows which are unable to give milk any more due to age, ill-health or injury. Or they could simply be unlucky enough to have been born a male, which obviously excludes them from being good dairy animals in the first place.

Street and stray cattle face the same problems. Injury, malnutrition, starvation and disease are all common. Although the street cows do receive some care from their owners, professional veterinary care is not available because of the cost involved.

Some of the poorest people live down in the 'Nala' which is a large open ditch which carries raw sewerage. They keep their cattle in this ditch with them and both man and cattle live in the most basic and unhygienic conditions. You can imagine what it is like to live in such a place during the long, hot summer with temperatures exceeding 40C.

Many of these familiesdsfdsf  are relying on their cattle as the only source of income. The loss of one animal due to illness or accident makes a massive difference in this part of the world.

Because the cows are expected to forage amongst the rubbish for their food, it is essential that they are sound enough to be able to walk from place to place all day in their constant search. However, lameness effects over half of all the street and stray cows and this reduces their mobility which in turn reduces the amount they manage to find to eat. Many of the cattle already suffer from mal-nutrition and the added handicap of lameness can quickly push the animal into starvation. Eventually the cow will die, either of starvation or from the infection from the cause of the lameness, which could have been something as simple as a cut between the toes of the foot from standing on glass or metal. If these injuries are treated properly in good time, there is no reason why the cow should not go on to make a full recovery.

JBF aims to redress the problems relating to poor standards of cattle husbandry by supplying professional veterinary care linked with an on-going programme of advice and demonstrations. We intend to raise awareness of better welfare standards for the cattle with such things as co-ordinated vaccine and worming programmes. This will not only enhance the lives of the animals but will also make the owned cows more productive and so improve the lives of the people too.

Our method of operation is simple. Dr.Sashanka and his assistant Anil visit the cattle keeping areas of Kotla and dispense free treatment for the animals in need. Good record keeping ensures that those animals receive the proper follow-up treatment in the days or weeks ahead until recovery is complete. Because we have established a good working relationship with the farmers in the area, help in treating the stray or un-owned cattle is forthcoming when we need it.

Due to the congested nature of Delhi, this is not the right place to be keeping cattle. But until there is alternative employment for these people, cattle farming will continue here.

photo of sick calf

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