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Welcome to the JBF Animal welfare website, we provide veterinary support for the street cattle of Delhi, India.
Animal Awareness.
Global Rabies Prevention.
World Animal day.

We Celebrate Animal Day.

World Veterinary Day.
Birth Control Programme.
Animal Relief Center.
Free Health Check Ups.

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Animal Friends Insurance fs
Unlike any other Pet Insurance company's, Animal Friends Insurance is a not-for-profit company. That means all the net profits they make from your Pet Insurance policies go directly back to helping animals in need – all over the World.
Ethical Investors As the name suggests, this U.K. based insurance and investment company carry out their business transactions according to ethical criteria which the client themselves can specify. JBF(Scotland) is very grateful to have received £400-00 at the end of 2002 as part of the annual Ethical Investors Group profit distribution scheme.
VetAid U.K. based animal /human welfare organisation which funds projects on the African continent designed to help people by improving the welfare of their animals. The descriptive moto of 'Healthy animals - Healthy people' explains their aim.
Quaker Concern for Animals.

Quaker Concern for Animals in Britain works for the protection of animals and the promotion of their rights, by characteristic Quaker means. We take a religious yet practical approach and are committed to the defence of our fellow species, whilst appealing to that of God in everyone.
Our patron is a Jain and we greatly value our inter-faith connections.
We campaign peacefully wherever we feel our voice will make a difference, working towards that time when the eyes of human animals are fully open to the suffering of all of God’s creation.
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