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Welcome to the JBF Animal welfare website, we provide veterinary support for the street cattle of Delhi, India.
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New Mobile Animal Clinic in Guwahati, Assam, India.

PROJECT LOCATION: Guwahati, Assam India


Situated in the North East corner of India, Guwahati is still a neglected and lagging behind place in India. Still majority of people from even India don’t know where it is and still they thinks that there is only Jungle in this part of the country and land for the terrorist activities. But to describe in short, Guwahati is a very beautiful place with the mighty Brahmaputra and Greeneries and developing very fast like other major Indian cities. Due to these fast developments the people have very less time to think for welfare. There are very few animal welfare organizations working in Guwahati, which is not enough to handle the situation of Street & Stray animals.


The stray dog population is increasing day by day, as there is no major ABC program is going on this part of India. As there is increase in the no. of animals there are more cases of accidental injury, skin infection and other diseases prevalent in stray condition. The other animals also suffering due to the city rush and thereby dying without even having a minor veterinary treatment.
There are several major problems related to the method of city cattle farming. The cattle were kept for the milk but letting lose to have their own food from the garbage, vegetable waste etc.  From animal welfare point of view, the most striking disadvantage to city farming is related to feeding.

  • As the owners provide no food, the cattle are forced to seek whatever they can from the city itself. This has two principal drawbacks.
  • The animals do not get a diet suitable for their healthy development and sustenance, so malnutrition and starvation is a common sight here.
  • The cattle roam all over Guwahati in search of food, spending many hours each day walking along roads that are busy with cars, Lorries and buses.  Injuries caused by collisions with motor vehicles and injuries to the feet caused by standing on sharp objects account.


JBF’s aim is to make the lives of animals more bearable & adorable. JBF is going to do this by providing Free On The Spot Vet Care for those on the streets and by campaigning & lobbying for the better life of those animals in the street or at shelters.


  • The Dogs, Cattle and other animals will get the benefit from our work by receiving remedial treatment of any injury or disease and better health in the future from preventative medicines.
  • The cattle owners benefit by having animals those are more productive because they will be in better health.
  • The animals on the street or at the shelters will be benefited by receiving better care as a result of our awareness campaign.


Dr. Sashanka is going to take responsibility for all day to day decisions related to running the Mobile Animal Clinic. In this easy communication era this is not going to be a very hard task to manage this project with other projects. We have Two field staffs and they are going to provide the minor veterinary treatments to the animals On the Spot using the motorcycle & bycycles. The team will remain in contact with Hony. vet Dr. Dhruba Das and with Dr. Sashanka over mobile telephone – in this way they can get quick support when needed.

In due course of time we are going to run a mobile van that can pickup the injured animals and can deposit that to a place where they can be look after properly. Until and unless JBF can’t mange a place to keep these animals for treatment we have to inform the organizations now running a treatment home or so.


Report on

Launching of “JBF Mobile Animal Clinic for Street & Stray Animals” by JBF(INDIA)

Guwahati 11th June 2007: “JBF Mobile Animal Clinic for Street & Stray Animals” was launched at the stakeholder meeting at Sangeetacharya Laxmiram Baruah Sadan, Guwahati on 10th June 2007.  This Mobile animal clinic shall run through major roads at Guwahati starting from its Guwahati Chapter office at Beltola and also attend cases on call to its Helpline number.  This mobile clinic will provide “On the Spot” free veterinary care to the injuries, diseases and emergencies on the street of Guwahati. The present mobile clinic shall be operated by one Veterinary Doctor (on call) and two regular assistants managed by Dr. Sashanka, Managing Trustee of JBF(INDIA).  The Helpline number of the mobile clinic is – 9954449528.  The mobile clinic was inaugurated by Mr. Prasenjit Duara, renowned photographer at the end of the meeting.

Dr. Sashanka, Managing Trustee of JBF(INDIA) briefed about the Guwahati project and also the  New Delhi project where JBF runs a mobile clinic for the street cattle. He also informed that Launching of the mobile clinic in Guwahati shall be followed by a series of awareness campaigns targeted to varied group of people for the cause of suffering animals on the streets of Guwahati.

JBF(INDIA) promoted by JBF(Scotland) is a professionally managed welfare organization working in the field of Animal Welfare since the year 2003.  JBF is a Member Society of “World Society for Protection of Animals (WSPA)”.    

Participating in the meeting Dr. R.N. Goswami, Dean Faculty of Veterinary Science, Khanapra, AAU, said that there is need to see the root cause of the problem.  Dr. K. K. Saharia, Department of Extension Education, College of Veterinary Science opined that there should be coordinated and concerted effort amongst the organization working in the field of animal welfare.  Secretary “Shree Guahati Gosala”, Mr. Jai Prakahsh Goenka also spoke on the occasion and promised maximum possible help to JBF(INDIA). Sri Malay Baruah, President, Early Birds highlighted the issue of fund constraint for animal welfare activities. Mrs. Sangeeta Goswami of PFA, Guwahati promised to extend all possible help to JBF for the cause.  The meeting also highlighted the need to take care of the “Local” breed of animals and need to build awareness amongst the school children for welfare of the suffering animals.

Besides the above named persons, about 150 numbers of people from different walks of life participated in the meeting; prominent amongst them were Dr. Kuladhar Talukdar, Information Officer, Directorate of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry, Government of Assam, Dr. S. U. Ahmed, Chairman, FARMER – an NGO, and Dr. M.I. Barbaruah, Director VET Helpline India (Pvt) Ltd.

Dr. Sashanka
Manging Trustee.


photo of sick calf

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