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Welcome to the JBF Animal welfare website, we provide veterinary support for the street cattle of Delhi, India.
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On the occasion of World Rabies Day, JBF(INDIA) organized Free Health Check-up and Rabies vaccination camp for the owned/street/stray dogs at Guwahati, Assam India:

On 8th September, on the occasion of World Rabies Day JBF(INDIA) had organized a Free Health Check up and Rabies vaccination camp for the owned/street/stray dogs. Camps were organized in areas like Ganeshguri, Narengi and also in Adabari Chowk of Guwahati, Assam, India and received tremendous response.

Rabies is not curable but preventable only. In the streets of Guwahati large numbers of homeless dogs are found roaming here & there. Homeless
animals can become a problem for many reasons: they carry diseases that can be passed to humans and other animals (such as rabies); they can cause road accidents, harass citizens, damage property and pollute the environment. There are also many welfare concerns for these animals themselves: disease, hunger, aggression between animals and persecution by humans in the form of cruelty, abuse and inhumane methods of killing.
Therefore JBF(INDIA) is making an attempt to create a society which is free from Rabies, Infection & the other nuisance etc. For this, citizens’ help is invaluable and we feel confident that, by working together, we will achieve our goals, and in doing so, raise the public awareness about the importance of the animals and their welfare that can reduce the sufferings & promote the wellbeing of the lives and building a strong human-animal bond. Also our goal is to create a better place for animals and people to live together in harmony. JBF(INDIA) is an animal welfare organization in the service of the society, also recognized by Animal Welfare Board of India, Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India. Besides the ongoing New Delhi project, JBF has launched a Mobile Animal Clinic which is operating in the lanes of Guwahati and receiving remarkable response.

In this particular vaccination camp response from owners had been amazing. In spite of the bad weather with heavy rainfall for nearly whole day, they were found enthusiastic in getting their pet vaccinated as well as checked. Owner’s response increased the JBF’s team spirit as well, which is comprised of honorary Veterinarian Dr. Dhrubajyoti Das and other staffs Atiqur, Pankaj, Jitu & Ratul & volunteers. Around 73 animals have been examined and out of that 64 dogs have been vaccinated; most of them were from the streets. Along with the treatment of the owned dogs, a handout had been distributed among the passer-by to make them aware of rabies and do’s and don’ts with such dangerous disease. Owners have been given a complete treatment record book with proper suggestions attached with. This camp was structured as per directions from Dr. Sashanka, Managing Trustee of JBF(INDIA). “JBF would like to share the success of the camp with GMC for their cooperation” says Sangeeta Dutta, the trustee of the organization who is the spirit behind organizing the camp. According to her there will be more such camps in different corners of Guwahati soon.
Dr. Sashanka
Managing Trustee



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