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Welcome to the JBF Animal welfare website, we provide veterinary support for the street cattle of Delhi, India.
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19th January ‘08, Guwahati: JBF(INDIA) is organizing an Animal Birth Control Programme on 24th January’08 at its Animal Relief Centre, 4, Chandan Nagar, Survey, Beltola, Guwahati, Assam as a part of its animal welfare activities. Besides treating & rehabilitating Homeless Animals at the centre, JBF runs a Mobile Animal Clinic which provides On the Spot treatment at Guwahati streets for Homeless Animals also organizes Special Health Check-up, Vaccination and Awareness drive every Saturday of the month at a particular place.

In this ABC Programme both the Homeless and local Homed dogs will be sterilized free of cost. Registration for Local Homed dogs is open till 19.00hrs of 23rd Jan’08. The main goal of organizing the Programme is to promote the advantages of Animal Birth Control & adoption of Homeless local dogs. Sterilization promotes their welfare by not killing them cruelly, prevents maltreatment in the form of cruelty, abuse, the unwanted puppies that becomes the part of the homeless population, helps the health of individual animals and also have behavioural benefits such as aggressiveness and reduced roaming. Also hindrances arising from homeless animals are significant with human health issues like rabies, bites etc.

Dr.Sashanka                                                  Dr. Smriti
Managing Trustee                                             Co-ordinator

Dr. Sashanka
Manging Trustee
New Delhi - India. 


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