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Welcome to the JBF Animal welfare website, we provide veterinary support for the street cattle of Delhi, India.
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JBF has two new vet assistants.

I have just returned to Scotland from Delhi and have some great news to give.  We have decided that it is time for us to expand our team of 3 by taking on 2 new apprentices, one of whom will assist with hoof trimming and the other will assist in dressings. 

When we are confident that the ‘new recruits’ are proficient in their respective duties, we will create 2 teams of 2 men which will allow for much wider coverage of our work than is possible at the moment.  Dr.Sashanka (our vet/administrator) will remain in overall control of the 2 teams and will be available to attend with either team as the necessity demands. 

I know that this will be a major step forward for our project because it will increase our operating area as well as allowing much greater flexibility in our work and so increasing our ability to respond quickly to urgent cases such as road traffic accidents etc.

 Although we have found it difficult to raise funds for the cattle work so far, we feel that this move will not add a significant amount to the costs of running this project, but will add a great deal to the amount of work we are able to achieve.  The infrastructure is already in place within JBF(India) for handling this extra work – office facilities, storage space etc., so the two new members of the team will be able to begin contributing to the work as soon as they join.



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