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Welcome to the JBF Animal welfare website, we provide veterinary support for the street cattle of Delhi, India.
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Update On Delhi Cattle Shelter Campaign.

It is 6 months since our last Campaign Update and the first thing to do is to thank everyone who has been kind enough to support our work with their letters of concern.  Compassion In World Farming published an article outlining the findings of JBF regarding what is happening to the Delhi Street Cattle and we received well over 300 letters of concern as a result – that is the best result we have had from any single article so far, so thank you.

It is fair to say that your letters made a strong impression on Mr.Jain, Chairman of the Monitoring Committee overseeing the clearance of the cattle from Delhi’s streets.
Our Vet/Administrator in Delhi, Dr.Sashanka. has been in talks with Mr.L.C.Jain.  Following those talks, JBF organised a formal discussion which allowed the cattle owners and Mr.Jain to exchange views in the presence of JBF.

 Dr.Sashanka then accompanied Mr.Jain on a visit to 3 of the 5 shelters involved in taking the lifted cattle.  A few days later Dr.Sashanka visited the remaining 2 shelters and then sent his full report to us in Scotland.   I am very pleased to be able to pass on the good news that there have been many improvements in the standard of care that these cattle receive in the shelters. Proper records of food, vet treatment, causes of death etc. are now being kept and presented on a regular basis to the Monitoring Committee who then reports monthly to the High Court – it was as a result of evidence presented to the High Court (including the JBF film “Shelter or Suffering?”)  that the monitoring committee was formed.

 JBF will continue to work to ensure that these animals receive fair treatment.  We will not assume that the first good steps taken by the shelter owners will necessarily be followed by further improvements and we will continue to encourage the Monitoring Committee to press for the highest standards possible.   



photo of sick calf

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